Readings summary

The Art of Interactive Design, Crawford. ch 1, 2
A brief rant on the Future of Interaction Design. (blog)


Class 1: resume to readings.

Crawford, defines Interaction in an action-reaction system that usually involves two actors engaging with each other. To be able to talk about a real and rightful interaction we need to explicitly  discern 3 major components of this back and forth game happening between two players “ listen, think and speak” it  is a metaphor to what we call Input, process and output.
“we must use the terms listen, think, and speak metaphorically. If we want to get academic, I suppose we could replace listen, think, and speak with input, process, and output, but that’s so gauchely techie.”
Crawford also explains the difference degrees of interactive design and the difference between Interactive designers and the design interface people.

Bret Victor, encourage Interactive Designers and invite them to think and research further what seems to be trendy now  the finger manipulation of flat screens he calls it “ picture behind glass”. Victor, reminds people of the powerful tool they possess within themselves “ the hands” he thinks the future reside in searching for interaction through this very smart and powerful tool called the hand (eventually the body) overall. He makes a valid point in showing readers the candid and silly thinking that it can only be limited to a finger touch where as the human nature need a much more complex research as our need to manipulate with our hands will surface and it can be restraint to a single touch.

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