ICM week 1


It looks simple but took plenty of time!

Was hard to compose in coding for the first time, however i found some joy doing it. The idea of being able eventually to compose not because you are using a set of tools people assigned them to you is pretty exciting.

I used Translate and rotate transformations to be able to repeat patterns and change angles, i struggled to figure things out, and still not sure how to use them. After i made my composition, I wasn't able to delete elements i didn't want anymore. Every time i did the whole composition shifted and rotated differently, figured out eventually that i had to use Push and Pop to be able to control the transformations afterward.. I tried to insert them at the end, but would have to rework horrible details that took time to color, place, rotate...

Another issue, I understand the X and y axis in design however im finding it very hard to place a shape at a certain place, all was done with trial and error not because i was directly able to spot the right location, i mean no rulers, no guides whatsoever for the axis?

Same with the rotating angles..

As for colors in order to get my dirty colors palette mixed with greys, I had to use the photoshop color palette picker, pick a color take the number and put it in code. It worked, but is there a palette color in P5js?
then i wanted some transparency so I used the 5 digit color code (alpha) i guess...




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