If Bloodchild was a Soundtrack


This Track is inspired by Ocatvia Butler’s Bloodchild.
Though the story is a sci-fi horror story, but it also combines many other aspects and values: Human vs Alien, children, pregnancy, giving birth, tragic reality, life, death, blood, fear, horror, family, dreams, motherhood etc. For that reason my track is a combination of weird ambient unearthly sounds with a recurrent pure sad vocal of a woman.
I have recorded over 50 sounds taken from daily elements but when put in the edit some are altered to become unrecognizable and give the weird sci-fi feeling of the story: Brush against fabric texture, chopsticks falling, metal coffee jars, elevator beeps, drawer opening/closing, door, knob, paper, nylon, nails, tapping, spoon, glass, metal scratching, metal net, Porcelain plate, wood cracks…etc
*Vocals are taken from freesound.org

The story starts with a family dreaming/tripping… Like the story my track starts on a trippy mood as if in a dream, and follows a certain progression in the “weirdness” until it reaches the scary experimental climax (In the story the child was experimenting a horrible fate) to fall down again and end with the same sad vocal it started with… showing  the tragic fate of humanity.

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