Observation- Paying at stores

I choose to talk about how we pay at stores because I think it’s one of these daily recurrent annoyances that we endure sometimes even different times per day.

*”Swipe your card Sir”
(man tries)
*”no from the other side”
(man tries again)*” no flip it Sir”
(man tries one more time)
* “here let me help you”
(she takes the card and swipe it)
*”Oh! it’s debit card Sir?”
(man: yes..)
*”OK Sir please insert it”
*” don’t remove it”
*”Now please put your pin”
*”Sir please sign”

Does it seem a familiar scenario to you? Well, most people face this hassle at cashiers. And most of the time the line piles up because of this scenario happening with almost everyone. Sometimes it’s a bit shorter, but still if you want to sign with your finger they give you the pen, and if you ask for the pen they tell you sign with your finger. And sometimes it’s a credit card but you have to insert it like debit cards. and sometimes it’s a debit card but you can swipe it like credit cards… endless crazy guessing of when to swipe or insert, how to swipe, where to sign: digitally or on paper? with your finger or your pen? Not to forget how many times the server slows down when it’s very crowded and you also have to wait for it…
I went into different places Wellgreens, Macy’s, Tgmax, Groceries… etc Now small groceries and restaurant are actually hassle free because they take your card and do it for you. you don,t have to interact directly with the machine… Which makes me think that before the technology of having to swipe your card yourself, things were easier as you give your card they do it for you and make you sign a paper… Whereas now it’s crazy every time we have to pay. The swiping machine looks very modern with these blue light indicators to where to swipe… but is showing people where to swipe enough? maybe the solution doesn’t have to be on the machine itself, maybe on the credit cards a small indicator… Maybe we need to move to simple paying with Androids or Apple… it’s probably easier… but we can’t find the service everywhere and weirdly in many big surfaces you can’t pay with your phone… They probably enjoy the sight of people lining up to pay everywhere.
There must be a better solution for paying money in 2016, with all these new technologies, we really need to figure out a better interaction solution, or simply less interaction.

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