Pcom week 3-Sensors

Blink and play:



Trying out the different labs, blinking leds, sensors, switchers, etc..

Potentiometer and an RGB LED:

The two video below shows how I experimented with controlling an RGB LED with a Potentiometer, after a certain amount of hours I succeeded. However I tried different potentiometer and both gave different results yet not complete ones. The code is set to make the Led turn from red to green to blue. Weirdly (at least for me), the first potentiometer gave only red and green but no blue, the second gave red, green and violet but no red… No matter how much i tried to play with the code color specs and numbers given, the potentiometer wouldn’t change the range of colors.

Potentiometer and a Fan:

After working with the RGB Led, got very excited to see how I can control a Fan’s speed with the potentiometer; a bit too excited maybe… cause this failed miserably even after 4 hours. Below video and pictures. I think the first circuit in the video is horribly wrong. In the last picture I guess I reached a better place and at some point I thought it worked but for some reason it wasn’t very clear why I could see clearly the speed slowing down when I turn my potentiometer but then instead of speeding back up again it stops.

img_1236 img_1237 img_1240img_1239

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