The Undo Button: A counterfactual fiction

Teamwork done by Sean Kim and Nanou.

Rational & Concept:

One of the major aspect of life is our constant struggle with the “Time” factor. As human beings who get to control partially the present, we many times find ourselves thinking more often about the past or the future: Actions we did and the consequences of the choices we made in the past that will eventually ripples in the present or the future time. The fatality of not being able to go back and amend certain choices or actions leave humans beings bound to irrevocable realities.

From the rational above came the idea of creating a fictional Undo Button. This Undo Button is a high-end product, unfortunately it is not a product for the mass, but to a certain Elite community who can afford its price. The Undo Button can happen only once in a lifetime, if you press it, you get to amend one core of action you did in the past. And it costs USD 50,000.

The below script is an advertisement to promote the Undo Button. Though it’s a high-end product we wanted the ad to have humorist approach to life rather than a tragic one. To symbolize how actions in the past have a ripple effect on our future: We decided to take a funny situation of one guy who falls in love with the wrong person. (below the script for details).


This commercial is a comedy. The characters need to have some sort of sense of humor.

 Description: The Scene is taking place in the park. A guy is walking in the park, he sees a knock out girl approaching him, first we can’t see the woman she is just a silhouette from afar, then as she starts to approach gradually her face is becoming clear to us the action starts to happen in slow motion, close up on her face, the wind blowing her hair, she smiles at him and in a sexy voice whispers “hello…”. The camera moves to show us a close up on his face, mesmerized with her, he puts a stupid smile on his face and says “Hello…”

 Cut to a super that reads “After one year”. The scene is a medium close up scene of the guy and the girl standing facing each other, she has a bride veil and he is wearing a bow tie. VO: he says: I Do.

 Cut to a super that reads “After two years”. The guy comes home early to surprise his wife, he opens his bedroom door to find her in bed with another guy. Surprised he says: “Babe! I thought you loved me”, she replies “ohhh Honeybeeee, of course I do…”

 Cut to a super that reads “After three years”. The guy comes home, walk into the room and opens his closet, to find his wife with another woman naked this time.

 Cut to a super that reads “After four years”. The scenes are taking faster action (cause it’s a repetition), we see hands opening a door (implicitly the husband) to find the wife in a threesome with a guy and a woman.

 Cut to a super that reads “After 5 years”. The guy is in a living room, had grown a very long beard, watching TV, pizza boxes all over the place, he is chewing on one and looking depressed in a funny way.

 BUTTON SCENE! (happens here we need to think about it) then he presses the button close up on a hand pressing the button.

 A fast rewind happens from the couch scene till the very first scene where he met her, then the camera goes back to play in slow motion she approaches him close up on her face the wind is blowing her hair, she whispers “hello” he looks at her and says “f*** you Honeybee” …


Shooting board details:


Scene 1 (A, B and C)
Location: In the park

A: The camera point of you his shoulder. We see the silhouette of a woman coming towards him (blurred)B: Close up on her face walking, she’s a hot beautiful girl, wind blowing her hair, slow motion…
VO: She whispers Hello
C: close up on his face completely mesmerized and smiling stupidly
VO: He answers back Hello

 Scene 2
Location: In a house (some corner against a wall details in the background can be blurred)

Super: after 1 year
A: a medium close up on bride and groom: groom saying I do. VO: I do (she has a white veil, he is wearing a bow tie, as it’s medium to close up shot we don’t need to see a dress or a suit)

Scene 3 (A, B, C and D)
Location: Same house ( bedroom)

Super : after 2 years
A: he opens a door knob (holding a bouquet)
B:  long medium shot she is with another guy in the bed covered with sheet.
C: close up on his face: VO: “Babe! I thought you loved me”
D: close up on her face: VO: “ohhh Honeybeeee, don’t be silly of course I do… are these for me?! (Looking at the flowers?)

Scene 4 (A, B)
Location: Same house ( bedroom)
Super: After 3 years.
A: He opens the closet to hang his coat.
B: She is naked in the closet with another girl, both covered with sheets

Scene 5 (A)
Location: Same house (bedroom)
Super: After 4 years.
A: We only see a hand opening a door to find 3 people under sheets in abed…

Scene 6 (A)
Location: Same house (Livingroom)
Super:  After 5 years
: One very long shot: The guy is in a living room, had grown a very long beard, watching tv, pizza boxes all over the place, he is chewing on one and looking depressed in a funny way.

Scene 7 (A, B)
B: close up on a hand/finger pressing the button.

Scene 8
SFX: Fast Rewind of the whole TVC… Until the last scene.
Last scene will replay normally in slow motion. We will only change his answer to the “Hello” he will say “ F*** you Honeybee”

Storyboard  (Sean and Nanou).




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