Trump/Hillary (week5-6)

This post is a fun piece that sublimely suggest Hillary over Trump. When you click on Trump it turns to Hillary.


This post dragged over two weeks because when I started coding/designing it in P5js I couldn’t get to finish it, I got stuck in making the Trump text turn into Hillary, eventually It was turning to Hillary but coded in the wrong way (should have called an if statement true/false). Thanks to the amazing Allison Parrish  who showed me how to do it properly in class. So I went back to it and was able to rework it properly and enhancing the design aspect of it, added the stars (rotating), and decided to go all the way and make it a fun patriotic piece with the flag inspired by the crazy events happening regarding the elections of 2016.


Phase 3| final phase:Link in P5js:





Below link sample and screen shots of the previous draft sketches made:

Phase 1:

Phase 2:

Phase 2 (pics):



Phase 1 (pics):


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