Capsule flashlight

For the flashlight project I was thinking about simplicity and size. I like things that are small, flat, minimal in terms of design. Usually flashlights are bulky, maybe it makes sense to have something at night bulky enough to find and use, but also small sized objects are easy to carry. Unfortunately I grew in a country (Lebanon) that suffers until these days from electricity cuts (up to 6 hours/day-night) which made me  hate flashlights. It’s a commodity that we had to use a lot during war-time and still 26 years after the war is over,we use them all the time cause we still have  electricity issues.

I searched for the simplest and easiest form on how to make a flashlight and found out that it could be simply done by attaching a led to a 3v capsule battery (no need for a resistor because it’s 3v battery).

material I worked with:



3v capsule battery and superglue


conductive nylon paper


so i Intended to make  a nice wrap over the battery to cover it and press on the led string cause the paper will still let the electricity pass, it actually did, however the light was too dimmed. so I chose to cut the paper where the string is pressed just a small opening to let it touch the battery directly and light the led well.


Finally I glued the led to the battery. than the battery to a small squarish piece of cardboard, wrapped it with the conductive nylon.


video showing the flashlight pressed:



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