The Undo Button < Video>

Directed and recorded by Nanou Dimachki and Sean kim:


This Video follows up on a fictional idea we came up with: The Undo Button.
The project started as an advertisement for this fictional button that let’s people undo one action in their past, supposedly a comedy. However the storyboard created was hard to executed, acknowledging the fact that we are students and don’t always have resources we started to think of a different way to shoot our “Undo Button”. It is kind off important to know how would people feel if they got a chance to undo one action in this lifetime; we tend to assume that people would probably feel it’s the “Best chance ever”… well, Is it? We eventually decided to pop the question at random people in the streets and see the different reactions we would get. How would they genuinely feel when asked…

The result turned out emotionally very fulfilling, we gathered the different reactions we got from people and edited them in a certain harmony related to the answers, some people remembered dramas that happen to them and wish to undo them, others  thought about periods of their life they missed out on… some answered objectively about certain values or non-values we have to endure: like violence, and people in politics and power… But most surprisingly we had many who answered that they wouldn’t undo anything…

Though the purpose of this Video changed from how we planned it in the beginning, I think i like better the result we have then the initial story board created.

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