Bad Mouth – Final Project

Bad Mouth project will be worked for my ICM and Pcomp class.


Bad Mouth is a purposeless installation of a pissed off mouth who talks shit to people all day long (excuse my language)because he is stuck behind the wall, Bad Mouth will interact with them through some limited set of  dialogue. As long as he is receiving a comment and sensing talking input, he will generate expressions.

Bad Mouth has a Character: Like an angry stand up comedian, the expressions will be Mean Nasty Vulgar (sometimes) but always Funny and Smart.

Bad mouth are silicone lips of 10″ to 12″ coming out from a wall. behind the wall the lips are attached to a motor that gets them to move slowly mimicking the mouth action when we speak.
Bad mouth will have some sort of a sensor that detects the presence of people, or a live camera that detects the presence of people when they are near him.


Below some pictures as a moodboard to the possibilities of how Bad Mouth will look like:



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