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Bad Mouth project will be worked for my ICM and Pcomp class.


Bad Mouth is a purposeless installation of a pissed off mouth who talks shit to people all day long (excuse my language)because he is stuck behind the wall, Bad Mouth will interact with them through some limited set of  dialogue. As long as he is receiving a comment and sensing talking input, he will generate expressions.

Bad Mouth has a Character: Like an angry stand up comedian, the expressions will be Mean Nasty Vulgar (sometimes) but always Funny and Smart.

Bad mouth are silicone lips of 10″ to 12″ coming out from a wall. behind the wall the lips are attached to a motor that gets them to move slowly mimicking the mouth action when we speak.
Bad mouth will have some sort of a sensor that detects the presence of people, or a live camera that detects the presence of people when they are near him.

Below some pictures as a moodboard to the possibilities of how Bad Mouth will look like:



Breakdown of the project into 5 sections:

in this section I will explore how to make BadMouth talk and talk back (with speech recognition).
this week I spent it on this section mostly because this is the major section for this project, as soon as i
figure out exactly what is the right process to follow i can move to explore other sections. Right now I will
start testing on two different approaches to see the best results possible while taking in consideration the limitations of that
First option is to use

speech recognition through Arduino:
-voice recognition module TS1299
-and Mp3 SD shield
-Usb TTL module
however the TS 1299 only takes 15 commands divided into 3 sets.
I can assign the voice I want the mouth to say through the Mp3 SD

or use
Python SpeechRecogition 3.1.3
chatter bot Api (cleverbot

That late option seem good however I don’t know Python so I’m not sure I can pull it out. I have to try and test…

2.Motion Detector:

In this section I will explore how to getthe mouth detect the presence of people around, so he’d start talking bullshit to them…

I worked briefly on this section this week but I think

Testing will be through motion sensor with arduino or through live camera sensor

_PIR motion sensor

_Camera module for Arduino ov7670

3.Mouth Motion:

I didn’t get to this section yet this week. but overall this section will be related on how to physically make the mouth move slightly when it speaks to people ( ideally some lipsing or at least synching with silent periods and talking periods)..

4.Mouth Installation/Design/fabrication:

In this section I will explore the design of the mouth and how to make it.
I already have an idea on how the design will look like a brief mood is added in the description.
the mouth will be from silicone coming out from a wall (with no face) a surreal instalation.

5.Scenario for BadMouth:
In this section I will research and come up with different scenarios to what Badmouth will say to people and what will he reply when he hears certain words coming from people.
BadMouth is a pissed off character. His comments are mean, vulgar nasty but always funny and smart. Ideally like an ironic stand-up comedian. This section is being explored and researched every week in parallel to other sections.

Below a chart for the sections (this chart will be updated each week):



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