I went to “The container Store” and fell in love with the place, wanted to buy everything in the shop… It reminds me of Ikea but Ikea is more furniture driven where as this one is about containers…

I liked these bamboo shelves that can be put together. Neat and easy to make a laser cut Acrylic cover. So next stop was at Canal Plastics, I got black, white and mirror see-through Acrylic. For this project the cover is just a test done on the laser but not the final cut because I am still trying to figure out my final circuit for Pcomp.

This time, unlike the previous lamp project I had to do two trials instead of 4-5. It is getting better. and one of the trials was wrong because I miscalculated between inches and millimeters…

The openings lasered on the cover are not final, It was just a tentative test to see how it will look like. Eventually I think I will go for a white Acrylic sheet and try to spray the wood in white. If it’s spray-able with a neat finishing: Something I will have to inquire about in class: how to do a presentable finishing.






2 thoughts on “Enclosures”

  1. Good work. If you’re going to paint the wooden box, make sure you do a quick sand of the box with some 220 sand paper. I’d recommend multiple light coats of quality spray paint.

    I don’t understand why the cutouts for your controls are square. Do they need to be? How will the components mount to the panel? Are there not mounting holes on the controls?

    If you’re going to be prototyping placement and sizing of your lasered panel further, I would use cardboard before testing on acrylic.

    1. Thank you for the constant helpful tips and info.
      Some of the cutouts of my controls are squares because I might need to keep the sensors on the surface, not hidden in a box, and they happen to be squarish. like the (PIR, or camera, or color sensor) so I’m still working on the circuit, I’m not sure yet what is eventually the final circuit and the sensors im using. Yes good idea to use cardboard for testing cause I still think I will need much more trials before final prototyping, but for this project I wanted to show you a nice looking box as a test.
      I didn’t think about the mounting holes but when I finished :).. So yes I will need to add that in the next trial (that I will be sharing with you soon).

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