Mixing Materials

MIxing Materials: Stand for BadMouth


So for Mixing Materials, I choose for this homework to mix it with my Pcomp final.
My Pcomp final is a BadMouth from latex (a realistic mask that I got from a Haloween shop) that is stuck behind a wall “in theory”.BadMouth is a talkative mouth that sense the presence of people through an Ultrasonic sensor and start talking shit to people…
It also, supposedly “in Theory” move its lips through motors( we’ll come back to that in the next blog).
So for this project I chose to work with Acrylic, wood and latex.
I chose to cut panels on the laser cutter leave an opening to bad mouth and holes  on each panel (front and back) linked through wood stick sticks, in order to make sure the sticks and the panels won’t slide I chose to put cable ties from both sides. However I imagined the structure would be more firm, it’s a bit swinging, maybe more sticks from top and bottom…


Mask Badmouth that will be cut and inserted behind the opening on the stand. i had made two extra cut to insert the face from left and right
It was a good call cause it held.

The above small squarish opening id the ultrasonic sensor opening.

behind the facette pannel I can put everything, Arduino, ultrasonic, motors clips that will hold the lips and move them…

The nose should be cut but for now I’m keeping it cause I’m still working on the motors, they way I built them won’t work. I have to get the Gripper kit with the servo and make them open and close.

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