So for this mounting motors project, I started it combining it for my Pcomp as I was anyway working for motors for Badmouth.
However though I will illustrate what I did for Pcomp, But I changed it for Intro to fab cause I wanted to do something that is actually working or almost.

I decided to do an electronic flower/fan in an Acrylic mirror vase cut. But before I proceed to that I want to document my motors trials in Pcomp.

So I thought If I connect/ bring 2 motors with joints and extensions and at the end of each I’ll add a clip that will each hold the upper/lower lips the lips would move a bit even if the motors are twirling… I thought clipping the clips to the mask will narrow down from the motor spin and I will get exactly what I want which is a random chaotic movement of the lips… That was not the scenario that happened in my head.
The motor is working perfectly and spinning perfectly but when clipped the motion is completely stopped.

video showing the motor spinning:


So after making many trials and errors I decided to give up and do my flower fan vase.

material: Acrylic mirror

laser cutting the vase and putting holes in it to mout the motor on it:

my flower fan connected to the motor through joints and extensions

So the screws I was trying to use to mount the motor inside the vase on the panel were not the right fit they fell. I couldn’t find a replacement for now> tried to put some glue just temporarily for the sake of the presentation but it’s not holding. I will be fixing it.

video for mechanical flower  vase:







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