For the E-unconscious I will work with my Whatsapp history data, and my music library.



I have decided to dig into my Whatsapp conversations. As I use the app constantly with all friends and family members I think there is a lot to figure out from it. I’m currently going through the tutorials of processing related to data with Daniel Shifman and the codes provided by Dan O’Sullivan to teach myself to make the code in processing instead of P5.


2.Music Library

I found myself with age, shifting over the years towards a certain kind of music, but I’m interested in seeing if I could find some meaning to the choices I’m making and if there is a certain pattern I’ve been following. Linked to a certain mood. Don’t know yet how to go by it.

Though it seems illogical but I do want to see if there is a link between words and conversations in whatsapp and the music library.

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