Listening to yourself is hard but Talking to yourself is even harder cause we probably tell ourselves what we want to hear.
I have analyzed two experiences for talking to yourself:


Back home in Beirut I took Yoga courses for 4 month and at the end of each session we used to end it with a 10 min meditation. Back then meaning few years back I used to come out from the class feeling very positive and full of energy. It really had a certain impact on my well-being. I got to understand how one can work on himself, train the body and mind to relax and think in more focused manner. 4 month is not a lot of time but was enough for me to have a hint about how it’s supposed to feel.

Since I haven’t been taking care of my mind and body, but very little and for short periods of time. For the sake of exercise I had decided to go back to try meditation but this time experiment through as suggested an application. I chose Headspace, and did it several times over the course of a week. Weirdly this time after having to do the breathing exercises again and reworking the meditation techniques it actually felt very good but instead of giving an energetic outcome I almost ended up sleeping after each 10 min session! It is a weird outcome, maybe because I have insomnia problems and haven’t been getting much sleep. It is something I want to get into to understand why I have a horrible need to sleep afterwards…

2-Open the tap

In order to talk to myself, I happen to have this habit to take a piece of paper or open a blank page in a word document or notes and try to pour out my heart with words or very short phrases without censure. I call it the tap. Like when you open the tap water and let everything out, as if this piece of paper will be burnt right after. the interesting part is the amount of repetition you read and highlight after writing and writing and somehow I get to see what is actually bothering me clearly. More interestingly I hide them and forget about them and open them up after a month… It’s shocking to read your state of mind when you are out of it, you suddenly surprise yourself and always shocked to re-read yourself and you would understand and look at things in a different perspective because you took distance of that state of mind. I could share personal examples if asked in private (but will not post any on the blog) too private to expose. i have done this exercise over years and it always came beneficial in the moment itself where it gives the chance to let things out, meaning let the stress out, but also look at your states of mind from distance.

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