My Avatar?

So trying to make an avatar that looks like me was kinda fun… But that depends on whether you are searching to make an avatar that realistically looks like you or an avatar that represent some part of you… some fantasy, some idea, some persona.

I don’t mind enjoying having super powers or belonging to a certain fantasy world or to a certain era… as long as the avatar looks like me.. or else i don’t know how would people relate.

Most of the 2d avatar trials looks like a  cartoon character. The attempt in 3D is more realistic in terms of technology and how close it comes to look like a human being and features… However it’s frustrating because most game avatars let you adjust to a certain extent… specially the body.. they want their avatars remain sexy…

I’ve come across the below.. In one I was able to work the body but the face didn’t relate much, in others more developed features for the face but still despite trials it has limitation specially the eyes, which for me are essentials.

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