How messages sound

I started wanted to scrap through my Facebook and try to analyze a bit my data and see what I would discover.
Eventually I tried and experimented with different method trying to extract data from Facebook. But results weren’t satisfying. I always came back with error or with incomplete results. I tried Facepager old and new version went through tutorials. I tried an app on Facebook called Nebizz. I tried to work with Facebook graph API…

Eventually I gave up and started to see how to extract data into CVS file through WhatsApp or messages. After certain trials I finally was able to retreat an nice HTML table of my sms and converted it to CVS
and finally to Json file. I had to go through some cleaning not much though.

Reading through my sms I had good. joyable moments and some bad moments with family friends and exs.
Reason why I had decided to scrap through the code and assign soft rhythms to soft joyable messages and noisy brutal sounds and tones to aggressive heated conversations in messages.

I later planned to physical carry the sound composition on a cassette.
record it and keep it with me. why the choice of tapes. because i’m from the cassette’s era. my teenage years.

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