Ideas for final

I haven’t set my mind yet to what I will end up making for the final but here’s some of the thinking:


I have worked previously a wine cap stopper. I would like to develop it to a led lit one. It is no longer used to hold down the wine.
But to recycle the wine bottles into lit items used like mood interior.

Below some research I did  for inspiration and later on some sketches.



Option II

Is a light bulb wire made from  20 3D printed flowers, however though the roses are the same in color the design varies, it’s  not a repetition of the same rose petals, each rose within the same style but differently shaped, it’ll give it a more natural and organic feel.

I might want to change the rose concept and move to other shapes…


This option is a fun option but needs some mechanism research if I want to proceed with it.
the idea is to make a small functional machine or candy dispenser printed in 3D. Mixed with other media like transparent plexy slider over the printed box to show the transparency clearly (the candy). I will search for a mechanism that doesn’t require to insert a coin but a simple flip or turn of a bottom that would let the candy slide. a small fun slider for the candy is also doable.

Below samples for inspiration:



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