The Elephant in the Room


The Elephant in the room is a public domain that discusses social taboos in communities. It could range from racism, sexism,  LGBTQ, beliefs to sexual assault, mental illness, disabilities etc…

We usually talk about “the elephant in the room” when there is a certain subject or issue between two people or more that is being avoided. The members concerned are fully aware of the problem but do not talk about it. Reasons for this avoidance could be different however usually it revolves around the fear factor, fear to challenge a certain subject that people may not be open enough to accept it: Fear of causing distress to the other person, fear of creating a conflict, fear of being rejected, etc

But refusing or avoiding  important matters in life is only gonna make it a bigger issue and increase everyday the number of people who suffer in silence. The only way to help out with social taboos is to start having conversations about them, challenge believes, debate and discuss so people become more open-minded, aware and tolerant of certain issues.

The elephant in the room is a real-time process and engagement. It chooses one subject at a time and the time limit to move to a new subject is “undefined” it will depend on the people, their interactions how much they support and accept to talk about the matter and how much there is reticence or reservation. Even opposing views are accepted if moderated because the idea is to invite people to talk about taboo matters and open a discussion, if we all agreed it wouldn’t be a taboo.

How does it work.

The elephant in the room is an elephant that fills in the screen, the more it has followers and people interacting with the chosen subject like telling a story, or supporting a cause with words or comments, or chatting publicly in open discussions…  the more the elephant shrinks… it’ll shrink until it disappears. The elephant will appear back with a new subject on the table and so on.

The elephant interface on the site is going to be purposely annoying at first when it’s filling the screen but the more it shrinks the user interface becomes easier to navigate.


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