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As human beings we have a tendency to behave in patterns. Unconsciously we many times fall into the same patterns that we repeat over and over. Social media and Big Data, have helped to recreate certain behavioral patterns that a certain community of people do, depending on different factors linked to time, to space, to political context to trends to cultures, etc.. It is possible now to visualize those patterns however all still is very difficult as we have to deal with all the givin factors of a situation. A lot of apps are trying to track our daily activities recently to help us see how we’d spend a day, maybe to manage our routine better… However I think the real learning experience comes over time. It is after going through a certain behavior and a certain routine that a real pattern can be drawn. I also think instead of always looking at the big social mass behavioral patterns of people which gets very complicated. A smaller learning can be drawn from individuals. Scraping through the interactions of our own personal relationships. Visualizing a certain behavioral pattern that happens over time might help us see better consciously and visually how we behave and interact.

Trial and Error:

Ideally I would like to have a tool that scrape through my data with my permission and show me visually a certain behavior I do. I have previously scraped through my messages for fun. But this time I really wanted to look closer at my relationships. Try to see if I’m able to visualize a behavior if that would help me through having better ones in the future.

The rhythm of an interaction says a lot. And while I was trying to visualize my data i was really surprised to see peaks of data that indicates times of distress before silence. In a funny way looking back at some results somehow made sense to see the ending coming.


I took the data of last 3 month of a relationship that ended with someone and tried to visualize it.
(approximately 1500 text | from sept 8 till dec 5)

I used two csv files one that has his messages and one that has my responses. Sample of the texting:


At first I worked each alone.


I took the text messages put them at 6 point and made the design out of the texts.

Video screen preview:

 Him trimmed


Video screen preview:

her trimmed

Then I tried to overlap the data to see the results of the interaction funny how at different moments the interactions shows moments of distress:

At different moments of the relationship:

The beginning of the 3 months interaction was good, Blue more than Red:


When things started to go bad, Me in distress and Him more and more silent, red shows much more:

After that the end came:

I tried to visualize the whole thing in a different way:

And in another way:

Video screen preview: Trials for fun:
playful himher

After that I was trying to work with typography but didn’t get the chance to finish:

How to finish it in the Future:

-As a tool people can use to scrap through their personal data and parse different results:

I would have loved to finish this project in making this tool work effectively for people to show them patterns they do. Work a proper algorithm. A nice visualization. A lot of details can be worked and reviewed:
-Time factor,
-Silence or excess in interaction,
-The content itself to monitor positivity and negativity in words usage etc.

-As an Art Installation:

Relationships are many times like light that brightens and dims at different moments. A set of bulbs set to show through light the pattern of a relationship in a loop from beginning till end… when it turns off completely. Sometimes people have an on/off kind of relationship… The bulbs will turn on and off according to the pattern.

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