Women’s image

With the raise of the women’s sexual assault awareness that has been surfacing abundantly lately, I wanted to create something to help change the way we perceive women in general. Inspired by the chrome extension stunt done by Tom Royal, I felt something regarding women’s image can be done within this frame. I had decide to do my first chrome extension and change woman images in the web to images that objectified women in general like lips or breast or uterus or a chewing gum… images that lessen from who women are, images that are insulting to women, to raise the awareness of how women might be perceived like a sex symbol breasts or uterus, or like something disposable like a chewing gum.. I meant to show the insult just to make people stop a bit and ponder about the perception.

How does it work?

Whenever you type in google search: woman, women, girls, girl the four pictures (lips, breasts, uterus and chewing gum) replaces randomly the search. But also to press the buttons a little bit more whenever you type: Mother, sister, daughter the pictures also get replaced and images objectified.

The purpose of this stunt is to make people think.
one thing that needs to be thought of more is how to make this stunt more engaging to people. Maybe at a later stage click on the image and a message pops out.



from google search image and Instagram:


And from different respectful sites:

It is kind of good to see images of respectful and serious sites that talks about serious issues regarding women turn into into these objectifying images of women. It shows how it lessen and insult the work and the being of women in general.

I Imagine this stunt made possible on Women International day as a symbolic reminder to how still in 2017 women are perceived and how they shouldn’t be.

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