The desert test

The desert test is a visual personality-psychological test that lets you connect or get to know hints about someone in a fun and short period of time. However the test is a one time only test as it relies on symbolism and once symbols are revealed the test is meaningless. The person tested shouldn’t be aware of the answers.

How does it work?

You are given a hypothetical visual space “the desert” just soil and sky nothing else.
Step one visualize yourself in this desert.
Step two, visualize yourself in this space with five other element. you add one element after the other.
The five elements are:
The Cube
The Ladder
The Horse
The Rose
The storm

The idea is to take each element and imagine where that element is placed in the space ” the desert” according to you.
not only it’s position but also the size, the color, the texture. So as long as you start imagining the space and the positions a small story can be constructed.
Why the test is fun and what do the elements mean or symbolize?
The test is fun because there is no right or wrong answers, it’s an imaginative trip you create in your mind, it’s creative and personal.

The cube: symbolizes you, and how you see yourself according to the world. The size: Is it big? small? medium, etc..texture: is it thick, transparent, thin, what kind of material?etc… Color: is it white, black, yellow, red, etc… you ask details about size, colors and textures.

The Ladder: is the amount of friends you have, your social circle. A very long ladder could mean you make more acquaintances than real friends for example. Is it a long ladder? a short? where is it in the desert, standing, leaning, laying?etc.

The Horse: Symbol of the lover/partner.. where is the horse in the space? what is it doing? what color is the horse?

The Rose: The Rose or flower is the children. what color is the rose? where is it in space according to other elements? what is it doing? is it near you or not?

The storm: symbolizes the problems, the bad news, the issues, the trouble… mentioning the storm and where it is in space will relate on the current mindset regarding problems and stress… is it near you or far from you? where is it in space? for example ifs near the horse or above it it could mean trouble in relationship, etc…

My interest in this test is because it’s a very visual one and the interpretation of elements is in correlations to disposition in space, to colors, textures and dimension but also storytelling.

I’m currently trying to recreate this space in P5js. So people can trip privately without fear of judgment.
opening it on the desert image and adding the 5 element in space in a Grey neutral color.

Once you click on one element it lets you:
-Change color by clicking on it,
-Add texture picker,
-Play with transparency slider,
-Each element can be dragged anywhere in space,
-Each element can be enlarged or reduced in size,
-Each element can rotate 360.

Once the space is constructed you hit the submit button and a personalized interpretation of your space appears.
First it explains what each element symbolize and what it could mean in a different scenario.

The sketch will not be able to do the full analysis it will help you get closer to meaning as possible and then it’s for you to make the rightful interpretation, like in tarot. you add in your mind to the meaning you read on the card.



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