Blowing bubbles


So Blowing Bubbles is an attempt to blow bubbles in P5js.
It was kind off fun to animate, however I wasn't able to stop the action or loop it.It feels like actions are still out of control. I used variables to do the bubbles, and give assign to them actions.
I was also able to use the random action to some of the bubbles, it was kind off interesting to be able to give them this shaky feel because i actually restrained the randomness in a certain space, so the effect ended up like a shake perfect for this scenario.
Also when I played a bit with the shadow of the blower, it gave a better feel, more depth for the illustration.

Pcom Week two Labs

img_1024 img_1025-1img_1048 img_1031

Below a simple circuit in series, and in parallel. Then felt like experimenting with something organic, Lemons, Apples, leafs… (was thinking about the switch). It was kinda fun!… To be able to light the Led with a Lemon.

But I ended up doing for my switch a puppet. A “sock” puppet. I like the fact that it gives the feeling when the puppet is talking the Led is tilting on and off. I put the wires in what supposedly is “the mouth” of the puppet. Below some reference.


ICM week 1


It looks simple but took plenty of time!

Was hard to compose in coding for the first time, however i found some joy doing it. The idea of being able eventually to compose not because you are using a set of tools people assigned them to you is pretty exciting.

I used Translate and rotate transformations to be able to repeat patterns and change angles, i struggled to figure things out, and still not sure how to use them. After i made my composition, I wasn't able to delete elements i didn't want anymore. Every time i did the whole composition shifted and rotated differently, figured out eventually that i had to use Push and Pop to be able to control the transformations afterward.. I tried to insert them at the end, but would have to rework horrible details that took time to color, place, rotate...

Another issue, I understand the X and y axis in design however im finding it very hard to place a shape at a certain place, all was done with trial and error not because i was directly able to spot the right location, i mean no rulers, no guides whatsoever for the axis?

Same with the rotating angles..

As for colors in order to get my dirty colors palette mixed with greys, I had to use the photoshop color palette picker, pick a color take the number and put it in code. It worked, but is there a palette color in P5js?
then i wanted some transparency so I used the 5 digit color code (alpha) i guess...