Wordphecy Phase II

Wordphecy is a tool that read your prophecy according to certain powerful English existent words that dated in the old days. The English Oxford Dictionary has set a list of great words that are on the way to extinction… or already have because people stopped using them in a way or another.
However the words are very powerful, and the meanings are uniquely useful. While using this tool, you’ll get the chance to get acquainted to them but also gifted with a prophecy once you click on the cards.

The English Oxford Dictionary had set a site to adopt these words, but the site went down. I wrote them but was able to retrieve the words from another source.

https://www.good.is/articles/oxford-english-dictionary-lets-you-save-the-wordshttp://www.savethewords.org/ (Not working link)

I found some of the words used in articles that talks about www.savethewords.org

Then found this link to a site called “Lost Words” that had the same words almost that existed on the site: http://phrontistery.info/clw4.html

I picked words that I thought could be interesting to use in the context of a prophecy or telling a fortune. Here’s the list.

I kept The Initial definition of the words and the year (when available), History gives a certain weight to things. Then I added my own understanding or meaning to the words and what could they signify if randomly picked.

Here’s the selection of words I picked with their definitions and the meanings I added to them.
I’m still not sure about the tonality I should keep in the interpretations. Most of them are serious and likely believable, however in few I added a humorist tone that kills the seriousness. Maybe I should decide to go all serious or all fun…

Definition: Adj. 1608-1884 dry, brittle, withered.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means it’s the end of the affaire. Yes you heard it, so wrap your head around it and suck it up. It could be the end of a relationship or a contract that will break. But when this card appears fortune thinks you are better off even if it come as a surprise.

Definition: N. To break a bond or promise; to profane.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you are about to be screwed or screw someone over a promise you won’t keep.


Definition: N. Laziness, slothfulness.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you need to get off your a** and get moving. You need to do something new. You need change. New activity.

Definition: V. To cause to be ashamed.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you need to watch your behavior if you are being careless in your community or not let someone make you doubt your confidence.

Definition: N. 1656-1721 disease of vines where they grow no fruit.
Meaning: When this card appears it means you need to look at some goal or dream you had in mind that might not bare fruits. Or watch from deal you are making or contracts you’ll sign.

Definition: N. The killing of one’s master or teacher.
Meaning: When this card appears it means you have trouble at work and deep inside you wish you could kill your boss, but don’t instead maybe it’s time for a change of job.

Definition: N. Behavior of a boring person.
Meaning: When this card appear it means you are very boring obviously and need to read a book, the news paper, have fun, walk barefoot, do something before you isolate yourself… really.

Definition: Adj. Tending to enrich.
Meaning:When this card appears, it means you are going to encounter a good fortune. Something of a value you to you is coming your way.

Definition: N. Female power that generates or gives birth to something, or someone who gives birth to new ideas.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means something new is going to be revealed, a new project, a pregnancy, a new relationship, etc.

Definition: V. To arm against.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you need to watch out in your surrounding. Someone or something is a bad seed and you need to take your precautions and be ready to fight back.

Definition: V. To act as uncle.
Meaning: When this card appears, fate itself admits it a weird card… but this card appears when family bonds need to be celebrated. this card invite you to take a closer look at your family and people you love maybe neglected a bit.

Definition: N. Beating around the bush.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you really need to stop pondering and analyzing a situation and get into the making. This card appears when you are taking too much time and might lose an opportunity.

Definition: N. 1847-1853 continued passion; an unyielding disease.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you are currently immersed in a dangerous situation, though it might be mixed with a passionate one, but the situation is/will be turning addictively toxic. Seek a way out soon.

Definition: N. 1656-1656 judge of a contest or activity.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means a conclusion or an answer to a quest or dilemma will soon come to you. Prepare yourself emotionally to anything.

Definition: Adj. 1678-1678 exercising or possessing free will.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you have great powers within your hand now to change your path the way you see it fit. This card gives you the power to choose.

Definition: Adj. 1656-1656 lucky; fortunate.
Meaning: This is a golden card. Take a risk. Buy a lottery card. Ask someone out. Apply for that dream job. High chances you’ll get what you want.

Definition: Adj. 1768-1768 very or most highly celebrated.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you will reap success over a project you put hard-work into. It could be work related or a relationship you invested into.

Definition: V. 1656-1656 to unbutton; to unbuckle.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you are going to reveal a secret or a hidden part of you to someone important to you. it could also mean you are getting some soon.

Definition: V. 1656-1658 to behave as a cook.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you are going to host a party maybe or attend one. This card is symbol to festivities, food, gathering and good times with family members or loved ones.

Definition: V. 1727-1727 to begin to fall or slide.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you need to look more deeply into a certain matter that is at stake. It might be sliding out of your hands. Beware, you’ve been warned.

Definition: V. 1623-1656 to rip open a sewn piece of clothing.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you are going to have uncontrollable wild sex. This matter might drag you in an unfaithful situation as you will deal with uncontrollable impulses.

Definition: N. 1656-1740 frequency; period between two occurrences.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means the world is giving you a break. You will have a chance to settle a bit with peace of mind. Don’t freak out from the stillness just enjoy the quiet and relax while it lasts.

Definition: N. 1611-1658 funeral orations; prayers for the dead.
Meaning: When this card appears, it’s time to face the harsh truth of a certain end. Take the time to mourn the end. Shed tears or scream if you need to but know that when this card appears the situation is not reversible it’s a fatality, so better accept it and move on to a new beginning.

Definition: Adj. 1723-1723 of gods of intermediate rank between those of heaven and of hell. Meaning: When this card appears, it means you will be pulled in two different opposing directions that will put you in a state of dilemma for a while. When making the choice, remember to seek the light, making a deal with the devil was never a fortunate choice.

Definition: N. 1623-1691 hiding place.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means a secret that concerns you or someone important to you will be revealed soon. Expect anything, secrets are hidden for a reason.

Definition: Adj 1656-1656 able to be appeased.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you will be able to handle a difficult situation and appease it. This card might also appear when a friend is in need for your help or moral support to get through a tough matter. Be there for them.

Definition: N. 1652 -1678 act of fashioning or making a work of art.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you will get the chance to show your creative talents to a certain niche community you look up to. It could also means that a certain behavior you’ll do or certain attitude you’ll have regarding a certain matter will set a trend for generations to come after you.

Definition: N. 1656-1761 deceitful speech.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you will clash with a family member, a loved one or a close person to you. A realization of the difference of the sets of values you both share in life, will leave you with a feeling of bitterness.

Definition: N. 1825-1825 machine for cleaning chimney.
Meaning: When this card appears, it means you have to pave the way for good fortune to come your way. Cleaning the chimney let St. Nicholas deliver your gift.


Design of Cards:
I made the design of the cards in illustrator common front for the words and a red pattern for the back.


I uploaded the jpg of the cards on https://renanou.imgur.com/all/ to use the link in the p5js sketch.

P5js Sketch:
This is a draft sketch for Wordphecy;
currently the sketch lets you click on the back of the card and generates a word randomly with its initial definition and the interpretation.
Another button is added to shuffle the cards, but currently just acting as a display.

What to fix:
The sketch needs work it should have a load button, a small animation of the cards when they are shuffled, a return to the ‘back card’ if the user wants to click another time.
highlighting hierarchy of information in typography display design and revisit the general design of the page. Though I’m planning to keep it simple but enhancement could be made.

Below a video screen recording of Wordphecy:


This is the P5js desktop version, for some reason same sketch is not running on editor… I think the error is a bug.


Phase II

I kept on thinking about the user experience with Wordphecy. Trying to go in details with the tool design, thinking about what would make it more believable as a medium in fortune-telling.

To sum it up after advisement and comments i received from people who learned about Wordphecy, here’s how it can be enhanced:

1-History around the words: History has some weight and powerful magic to it, if people were able to see that the words used are not invented but actually did exist at some point in time and have been used it’ll enhance the mystery behind the words and also in contradiction to the that the believe that they existed.
in order to do that I should dig into the Oxford dictionary word roots and rework the whole content by adding words History usage and dates when possible.

2-Make it physical,print it and try to use it as an actual Tarot Deck.

3-In the digital format think about the cards as multiple reading not just one card.
Love/professional/future or what is going for you/what is going against you/ advice

4-In the digital format also think about leaving a space for people maybe to think about what they want Wordphecy to predict for them, make an input box so people can ask the question they want, once they press enter the deck of words will shuffle and Wordphecy would be revealed.

Below attempt design for Wordphecy:

-This is the  initial version of Wordphecy:

wordphecy initial one

-Design attempt to add a question Input for people:

ask wordphecy

-Design attempt to add more than one card if not an open Input:

trim wordphecy


Wordphecy needs still some time to see the light but will come out soon.




Your fate according to Austin Powers.



As the wise Austin Powers once said “I see you turned off your alarm and then closed your eyes ‘for a minute’, I too like to live dangerously”

This project let’s Austin powers cast on us his divination.

Why Austin Powers?
Because A.P is cynical in a humorist way, nasty, bold, sexual and vulgar at times. But when we are facing issues or thinking about certain serious big questions, along with this introspection comes fear and stress. Having someone life A.P be an influence on your fate is a great way to see life in a lighter perspective.

How the divination works?
you stare at this Austin button, think about a secret question and press it.
The answer to your fate according to Austin powers appears. It’s the randomness of it that sets the tone of fate.

The button is currently a sketch built on Arduino and mounted with a Max msp patch. Ideally I would like the push button to take the form of one of Austin Powers Big pimp ring:

below  video of the push button:

And here’s a screen recording from the Max msp patch changing with serial communication when the button is being pressed:

screen recording button austin


And here you go! The answer to your fate according to Austin powers:

Expression used and what do they mean in the Austin world:

Taken from mentalfloss:

The whole theme in Austin’s world is very sexual but in a funny way.

When Austin is attacked by the fembots, he works his mojo to counter their mojo and gets “crossed mojonations,” resulting in exploding fembot heads.
Cross-mojonation plays on the term cross-pollination, the transfer of pollen from one flower to another, or else influence between diverse elements, as in different music genres. The word mojo, which might have African origins, first came into English in the 1920s. Originally referring to magical power or voodoo, the word more recently came to mean any kind of power or influence, including sexual.

“Smoke started coming out of their jubblies,” Austin says of the fembots. While jubbly came to refer to a woman’s breasts in the early 1990s, it originated in the ’70s as Australian slang for something plump or fleshy, like the stomach or buttocks, and eventually came to describe a woman with large breasts.
Where the word comes from is unclear. It could be imitative of the movement of a fleshy body part, or it might come from the word jub, which is a jug for holding wine or liquor. The word jugs is also slang for a woman’s breasts.

“Bring on the fembots!” Frau Farbissinia screams.
The word fembot, a female robot, has been around at least since the 1970s, according to the OED, and may have made its debut in a 1976 episode of The Bionic Woman. In the episode, a scientist replaces six secretaries at the Office of Scientific Intelligence with six deadly fembots. Later, apparently, the fembots go to Las Vegas.

Like bits and pieces, meat and two veg, and twig and berries, wedding tackle is a euphemism for male genitalia. Tackle, which refers to any piece of equipment, also means penis. If wedding tackle weren’t slangy enough, Cockney rhyming slang for the phrase is witch’s cackle.

“I like to give my undercarriage a bit of a how’s-your-father,” says Austin. Translation: I like to have sex.
How’s your father was originally Cockney rhyming slang for lather, a state of agitation: “After the row, he was in a bit of a how’s your father.” But the phrase gained a bawdier connotation when, in the early 20th century, British comedian Harry Tate would break off in the middle of a potentially suggestive speech to address an audience member: “How’s your father?” Soon the phrase became a euphemism for sex.

“Don’t have a thrombo!” Austin tells Vanessa. Thrombo, slang for a fit of rage, is short for thrombus, or a blood clot. While some dictionaries cite 2002 as the year of origin for thrombo, it’s obviously at least as old as this 1997 movie.
Another British slang term for a fit of anger is eppie, which is short for “epileptic fit.”

You can’t have swing without groove, baby. Like swinging, groovy began as jazz slang—although about 20 years earlier, in the 1930s—and has a similar meaning: playing in a brilliant and effortless way. The word groovy comes from the phrase, in the groove, which has the same meaning.
What groove you might be asking? The groove on a vinyl record perhaps, with the idea of a record playing smoothly and not skipping or scratching.

The film opens in 1960s swinging London, when everyone and everything is uninhibited, lively, and hip. This sense of swinging, which originated in the late 1950s, probably comes from a slightly earlier jazz term, referring to a musician who plays with swing, as in the style of big band.
Swinging in regards to sexual promiscuity originated in the mid-1960s, as such things do.

The Oxford English Dictionary (OED) defines shagadelic as sexy in a psychedelic way, as well as a “general term of approval.” The word was probably coined in the Austin Powers movie.

Next Step:
I would like to work the graphic better and make for it a nice push button of the ring in a nice container inspired   Austin Powers world. Also put some time to work the answers and the graphics.