final project part II

Human Behavior through Neural Network.

Research and Examples:

-Artificial Neural Network for Human Behavior Prediction through Handwriting Analysis:

-Use of an Artificial Neural Network as a Model for Human Behavior:
A Proposed Framework for Investigation of the Question of Free Will
Association of Christians in the Mathematical Sciences

In order to get acquainted with the NN, i had decided as a first step to go through some sketches try to work through them, understand them and then go back to set a sample for this. I reworked on the sketch of Flappy Bird as a learning.

Final Project- Step 1

How to speculate on human behavior using algorithm.

I started this project with Rest of You, thinking about how technology can help us improve, enhance our behavior by recognizing the patterns we do.
The simple idea is to calculate time spent on certain events or actions (according to data input we add), this will show us a certain pattern on how we spend our time. However ideally is not to stop here but to be able to speculate behavior in the future according to these data inputs linked to our past using algorithm.

-Link to my post in Rest of You

-Fun example that shows time spent over events:

-Tracking time

-Facebook uses algorithms to manipulate NewsFeed

How Facebook News Feed Works