Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange.

“Alex is the narrator, protagonist and antihero in the novel A Clockwork Orange. He is portrayed as a sociopath who robs, rapes, and assaults innocent people for his own amusement. Intellectually, he knows that such behavior is morally wrong, saying that “you can’t have a society with everybody behaving in my manner of the night”.”

Scanning the doll:
Pictures taken at a fixed lens: 3 levels bottom, frontal and top.

This is a sample video of the frontal level.

Alex at firstĀ 

Cleaning with Lightroom and Photoshop, That is a long process:

This is a sample video:

Alex cleaned

PhotoScan drama:

At first photoscan was overlapping all the pictures together, First reason because I had some pictures of the lower level series unfocused, Second reason is because I had to do better cleaning and remove the unfocused ones.

So after repeating the process over and over. I finally got it bettered at 20%.

First trials:

Then after some cleaning:

After good cleaning:


Zbrush is also painful the first time. Too much Zbrush will kill you. I applied a lot of smoothing on the zbrush mesh it distorted the face. so after some attempts I got it to run ok. Below examples:

First Zbrush attempt: Face distorted… too much smoothing.


Later I didn’t touch the face area just smoothed the body outcome was cool:


So after the pain came the fun. Maximo is fun to use and to finally enjoy seeing your character in motion

Below video sample:

alex maximo trimed