Alex DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange.

“Alex is the narrator, protagonist and antihero in the novel A Clockwork Orange. He is portrayed as a sociopath who robs, rapes, and assaults innocent people for his own amusement. Intellectually, he knows that such behavior is morally wrong, saying that “you can’t have a society with everybody behaving in my manner of the night”.”

Scanning the doll:
Pictures taken at a fixed lens: 3 levels bottom, frontal and top.

This is a sample video of the frontal level.

Alex at first 

Cleaning with Lightroom and Photoshop, That is a long process:

This is a sample video:

Alex cleaned

PhotoScan drama:

At first photoscan was overlapping all the pictures together, First reason because I had some pictures of the lower level series unfocused, Second reason is because I had to do better cleaning and remove the unfocused ones.

So after repeating the process over and over. I finally got it bettered at 20%.

First trials:

Then after some cleaning:

After good cleaning:


Zbrush is also painful the first time. Too much Zbrush will kill you. I applied a lot of smoothing on the zbrush mesh it distorted the face. so after some attempts I got it to run ok. Below examples:

First Zbrush attempt: Face distorted… too much smoothing.


Later I didn’t touch the face area just smoothed the body outcome was cool:


So after the pain came the fun. Maximo is fun to use and to finally enjoy seeing your character in motion

Below video sample:

alex maximo trimed







Online spaces: Terms of agreement

I found it intriguing how almost on every “online space” we are asked to sign in. It is almost hard to surf the net without having to sign in to zillion of pages and creating accounts to zillion of sites and remembering passwords to it all. The issue doesn’t stop here. it is also how we agree on every term agreement they ask us to approve, on every app on most of the sites, the games, the social accounts… Does anyone read these terms… I doubt anyone does. We agree and allow apps and sites to manage our emails and accounts and contacts, etc… and we say yes, ok, yes, i agree, i approve, yes, yes, yes and yes… we don’t read we just hit the button to get done with it and move to the site or whatever is that online space is…

My idea is to incite the user to read, to be aware of the terms and agreements he is approving, they might be rubbing his identity, personal, social space and this user doesn’t know.

Below a site that talks about your identity and what you are agreeing upon:

Screen shots from the site above:

I would want to create a fake agreement terms that insult the user, asks him to turn his picture into a pig or a donkey or a cockroach or place his head on a naked body…Though pigs and Donkeys are cute but a lot of silly serious people will be offended. The agreement will also ask to manage fully all their personal details….
write on behalf of them embarrassing  comments that could include  some nuances of sexism, racism, etc… turn their identity upside down.

People are going to approve and agree because they don’t read the terms… it will raise awareness once they freak out and live the prank/stunt for few minutes.

For the fun of it I downloaded a free template for Privacy Policy and filled it for this site.. to go through the kind of questions we have to fill. But it get more interesting when you add to it links to google or facebook ads etc… But couldn’t do it because it’s paid terms.

Below the link




Head in the cloud

Im what they call head in the clouds.

For that reason I didn’t want to spare people from this enjoyable moment were you look like you are in the present moment but effectively you are somewhere else.
You looked focused but you are tripping elsewhere.

my cloud is a small head installation that you place on people’s
heads and every now and then it whispers in people’s ears
small sentences or key words that would let them be distracted
and think even if for brief moment about what was whispered.
yes, the idea is not to help people concentrate but to help them get distracted and give them a break.

It’ll be awesome if if the cloud could at first get authorization from it’s users to scrap through their personal data… Facebook or gmail..
so that’ll whispers things not just psychologically distracting but also tailored in the distraction. it whispers stuff about you.


My Avatar?

So trying to make an avatar that looks like me was kinda fun… But that depends on whether you are searching to make an avatar that realistically looks like you or an avatar that represent some part of you… some fantasy, some idea, some persona.

I don’t mind enjoying having super powers or belonging to a certain fantasy world or to a certain era… as long as the avatar looks like me.. or else i don’t know how would people relate.

Most of the 2d avatar trials looks like a  cartoon character. The attempt in 3D is more realistic in terms of technology and how close it comes to look like a human being and features… However it’s frustrating because most game avatars let you adjust to a certain extent… specially the body.. they want their avatars remain sexy…

I’ve come across the below.. In one I was able to work the body but the face didn’t relate much, in others more developed features for the face but still despite trials it has limitation specially the eyes, which for me are essentials.