ketchup Bottle projection


The Ketchup bottle is visual and auditive project for the course of Readymades.
I wanted to use a commercial object, mass goods, we use in our daily life and highlight its function.

How does it work:
The Ketchup Bottle is cut open to add inside it a pressure sensor. Every time the Ketchup bottle is squeezed physically, it puts pressure on the pressure sensor inside and sends value to Arduino Sketch, and from Arduino to The MaxMsp patch that let us hear different random sounds of the ketchup bottle squeezed. Simultaneously to the sounds we hear, when the bottle is pressed it projects a video of a red splash over white wooden cuts of fake food.

Fake wood food cuts painted in white to map the projection of the Ketchup onto them:


MaxMSP patch with Ketchup sounds below:

ketchup sounds and vid max

Squeezing the bottle


Video of the projection mapping when the bottle is squeezed:

Video of the Ketchup Projection


Earlier stages of the process:
painting the fake wood food